High Hopes..

Things recently started looking up. I got a lead on a job. My son’s dad is moving to his own place. He can hopefully start spending more time with him. And suddenly, without warning, I was just happy. Then we got sick, but that’s not what’s important here…

I’m also hoping that with my ex moving into his own apartment that he can take the rest of the crap that’s his here. That will seriously help with the organization project!

I am excited about the possibility of going back to work. I have loved every second I got to spend at home with my little man, and it has been so good for him. He’s far more well behaved than he would be at this stage I think. I am nervous about sending him to my mom’s house to get spoiled while I’m at work. Better there than a total stranger’s house I guess! I signed him up for the preschool waiting list the other day. I can’t believe it’s time for all of this! Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s growing up, and I’m glad he’s smart and healthy and happy, but it’s really breaking my heart that this much time has gone by. A lot of people thought I was crazy for putting off starting school until he was in school. They may still be right, but I don’t regret it. With all the changes like his dad leaving, I know that my son needed me to be here. He needed someone to be here. And I’m so glad I could do that for him. I think he has ended up pretty well adjusted. That’s a miracle!

All in all, though, I’m ready for the change. I can’t stand living like this anymore. I got asked out on a date by someone from high school. I think I’m going to go, but I’m not sure it will amount to anything. I figure no matter what happens, it will just be coffee with an old friend. That’s perfectly ok!

Ok, here I go to start making dinner. Neither of us has an appetite, but we’ll see what happens!


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