“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” -Anne Frank

Smart girl, that Anne Frank. I procrastinate too much. I have a Netflix DVD that we watched a month ago sitting by the door ready to go to the mailbox. Would I like another movie? Yes. Do I think Elmo was worth the cost of Netflix to sit on a table? Nope. But yet it’s still there. So is the mess in the corner that I’ll “get to tomorrow.”

I see people that are so motivated and who say they’re going to do something and they just do it. No thinking about it, no planning when they’re going to do it, they just do it. I don’t understand why on EARTH I can’t do that. Now, some people may think I should just get up and go put the dvd in the mailbox instead of blogging about it. You have a valid point, and it WILL be done today. Hopefully as soon as the flood in our driveway goes down a bit.

The past two weeks have been hard on me. My son had the flu so we went to his new doctor for the first time. Turns out he was behind on shots because the last doctor really was a moron, it wasn’t my imagination! Not only that, she wanted to do a lead and anemia screening. Total my poor baby has had 5 needles jabbed at him in two weeks. You would think this would be the turning point where he would start not liking going to the doctor. Yesterday, though, we were getting ready for my mom’s party and he said, “Mommy, are we going see the doctor?” I said no, and he whined and walked away. My silly kid would have rather gone to see the doctor than to a birthday party! He’s very healthy and we don’t usually go to the doctor very often, so it’s nice to know he’s not going to be fighting it. I have to make him a dentist appointment, though. He chipped a tooth last week, too.

My mom turns 50 today! There were two parties for her. The first one we all went to, but last night I took the kiddo to his dad’s house and went to the grown up party. That was a really bad idea. I have not been that drunk in…at least 3 and a half years! Ugh. It was unpleasant to wake up at 5 this morning because my son was afraid of the thunderstorm. That and he left his blankie at his dad’s house last night.

I’m pretty sure none of this made sense. We’ll blame the alcohol!


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