The Mom Pledge

I have been blessed recently with a whole bunch of new Mom Blogger friends on Twitter. It is hard for me to share my blog, and so many people make you feel silly for wanting to blog about your life as a mom! I realize that maybe reading stories about the struggles of a mother isn’t for everyone. What always really got me, though, was how other mommy bloggers could be so cruel to one another! That is why I almost gave up the blog altogether.

Then I got an interesting invitation. To join a group of other women who all felt the same way! A group that isn’t here to judge. A group full of people who are blogging to share stories and struggles. That is why I joined the group and have reconsidered shutting down the blog entirely. Someone out there will read this and accept it for what it is-my personal experience. Can’t get better than that!

So are you in? Are you open to playing nicely with the other mommies? If so, check out The Mom Pledge!

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3 thoughts on “The Mom Pledge

    • Luckily I was never attacked personally, but seeing it happen to other people on their blogs definitely made me think twice before ever posting mine before, and I stopped writing for months (it also didn’t help that I was depressed and just writing depressing stuff..haha). So thank you for starting The Mom Pledge!

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