Now that my son is chatting up a storm and starting to have conversations with me, I find most of what he says hilarious. I usually end up with these as my Facebook status, but I though I would compile some old and some new ones right here!

S: “Mommy’s makin dinner, dinner, dinner!” -repeat for 20 minutes



S: Mommy, time for the mail!

Me: There’s no mail today

S: Get shoes mommy, get the mail!


Me: What do you want for lunch?

S: Lunch!

Me: Yes, what kind of lunch?

S: Food!

Me: So do you want a sandwich?

S: No, want lunch!


Looking out the window:

S: Aww man, it’s wainin!

Me: Yeah, at least it’s not snowing!

S: No, snows are fun!


Me: Do you want to go to daddy’s house?

S: No. Him swim here!

Me: Swim? It’s freezing and we don’t have a pool!

S: Daddy swim in the bafftub like me!

It never ceases to amaze me what comes from this kid’s mouth! What funny Toddlerisms do you guys have to share?



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