The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

If you know me in real life, you know that I’m not known for my fantastic decision making abilities. You also know, though, that I agonize over decisions that are of any importance, often putting them off for ages.

I’ve been trying out a new approach. I have amazing instincts, and I just don’t listen to them enough. So, lately I’ve been going with my gut. Should I do this? Yes or no? The first thing I think is what I’ve done. Things are so much simpler this way. I still don’t know if I’m making all the right choices, but I know I’m less worried. I’ve even been sleeping better! That’s impressive for a lifelong insomniac!

The best decision I’ve ever made is not to stress out over making decisions.

I know this is the shortest blog post ever, but that’s all I really had to say!


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