My Mother Was Right About Everything

I was almost 8 when my mom had my brother, and almost 10 by the time my sister came along. I loved the babies, of course, but I couldn’t help being annoyed at them. I was the only child for so long, and here came these kids that wanted all my stuff and messed everything up…

My mom said that one day we would be friends. One day we would all get along. I thought she was nuts. She came from a family of 6 kids and she was right in the middle, so I thought her perception was a little skewed.

I moved out the second I could. I was sick of still being treated like I was 7 because my sister was 7 and we shared a room. I FLED from that house. Over the next few years I had to stay there twice for a few months each time. Each of those times I got out as soon as I could, too.

Something weird happened at some point, though. My brother and sister stopped being annoying and started being people. People that grew up where I did, understood why I was frustrated, and loved me no matter what. We are all very different from one another. I used to be the outgoing one, but time has beaten me down a bit. I’m now the one that is more content to watch the action than participate. My brother, the one who always had some sort of self destructive nervous habit (like chewing on his finger), is probably the most confident man I have ever met. And he’s 6’1..I remember when he was 8 pounds! My sister, the shy, nervous, insecure one who was even afraid of our grandma…she’s LOUD. She lives life as though it was a big party, even though she’s pretty responsible.

These adults that we have become surprise me. I’m sure there are many more changes to come as we continue to grow, but it’s nice that we’re finally growing together, not in all different directions. In February when we went to my mom’s birthday party we all rode together. It was hilarious to have us all in one place being silly.

So, my mom was right. These people are my friends and my siblings. They were there when I graduated, when I had my son, and when I became a single mom. They are going to be there no matter what happens, and I love them for that.

…Just don’t tell her!


2 thoughts on “My Mother Was Right About Everything

  1. This is so sweet. When you are a kid it’s hard to imagine that your mom will be right about anything but then you grow up and realize that she was right all along.

    P.S. your secret is safe with me, I won’t tell your mom. šŸ˜‰

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