My Best Friend’s Mother

When you have had the same best friend since first grade, you get to know their family pretty well. When you spend every weekend together, you start to feel like their family has become your family, too. Their mother, while not your own mother, is a close enough second to comfort you when you need it.

My best friend’s mother passed away several years ago. She had cancer. I don’t know the details really, because at that point my best friend was with her actual family. We barely spoke for months. I do know, though, that it was tough on all of them.

I remember wishing that we could trade moms. I remember sleepovers at their house. I remember when I got my period and her mother’s words comforted me more than my own mother’s. I remember being in awe of her mom because she didn’t yell. Ever. My house was constant chaos, but their house? It was truly peaceful.

I can never imagine the pain that my best friend has experienced, but I can empathize. The world lost a wonderful, kind woman to a disease that has an effect on everyone.

Today, May 4th, was my best friend’s mother’s birthday. So today I am sad for my best friend, but I am also choosing to celebrate the fact that she lived…

That I met her…

That I knew her…

And that, in some way, I loved her as mother, too.

Happy Birthday, Cathy. Wherever you are!


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