Less Than Perfect

Why is it that as mothers it is so impossible for us to admit that we aren’t perfect? Why do people expect us to be? Think about it. How many of you (by a show of hands…not that I can see) had a perfect mother? I didn’t! Yet, here I am armed only with the experiences that I had with my imperfect mother and I am expected to be perfect.

There is no perfect parent. I honestly believe that. There is certainly no perfect single parent! Single parents are taking on both roles. I am not a perfect mother, and I’m certainly not a great dad! Honestly? I don’t even know how to throw a ball the “right” way. I can’t fish. I don’t know how to fix things. My poor son…

Anyway, I only had 5 minutes to blurt all my thoughts out, but I would like to officially say it. I’m not perfect. I have no plans to BE perfect. That doesn’t make me a bad mom, just a person!


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