First Night At Dad’s

My son spent his first night at his dad’s house last night. It wasn’t planned, he just fell asleep before I got home from my sister’s graduation. We decided not to move him. His dad and I have been apart for 2 of his 3 years now. One night he spent at my mom’s house, but otherwise, I have been there every morning of his 3 years of life.

This was the most nerve wracking experience in the world. I didn’t have time to prepare myself since he wasn’t supposed to stay overnight. Obviously since he fell asleep he was ok. He must not have missed me horribly. I sure missed him, though! I kept going to his room to check on him, but he wasn’t there. All I wanted to do was give my kiddo a goodnight kiss!

I didn’t fall asleep until 3 am. I was worried about the most ridiculous things. He didn’t have his special blankie. Or his pillow. Did they brush his teeth? Did they read the story I sent? Was he happy? What if he had a bad dream? Around 2 I nearly called and woke them up and demanded my child back!

Then I calmed myself down. This arrangement was best for everyone. My son needs to spend time with his dad, I need a break, and his dad needs to start taking care of his son more than just financially. So after several deep breaths, a big long cry about my baby growing up, and a little tv I finally fell asleep. Before I knew it my baby was home and I got the biggest hug I’ve ever gotten.

It’s good to know that even though I don’t want to be the grown up sometimes that I can be. I’m proud of myself for putting what was best for my son before what was best for me…

but really, I don’t want him to spend the night at his dad’s house again for a long time!


6 thoughts on “First Night At Dad’s

  1. I can’t even imagine! My son is 4 and has only slept over my sisters house- once. I am neurotic about checking him to see that he is warm, comfortable, etc. I guess if his dad and I were split up, I would be kind of ok though… I don’t know. I am glad you stayed strong though!!

  2. Haha you are silly and cute to be worrying so much about him! Lucky lil guy to have a mommy that cares so much. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder! Just one night of being away from you and he missed you and gave you that huge hug! That was my favorite part of the story 🙂

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