Guest Post-Be Grateful

Today I am so excited to introduce my very first guest post from one of my favorite bloggers (and Twitter friends)! Ang writes Social Commentary at and is one of the most down to earth refreshing people I have had the honor of meeting through Twitter! I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did and take a moment to reflect on what she has said! 


Everyday on my Facebook newsfeed and Twitter timeline I’m bombarded with all these “woe is me” statements. They always say you never know what someone is going through, so watch what you say to them. Ok, I can respect that. However, I cannot respect people with gainful employment, a car, a safe place to live, money in the bank, healthy relationship, and a loving family complaining. I have no respect for people who ask god/Jesus/holy ghost for a shift in the career. Newsflash: YOU’RE 26 YOU HAVE NOT BEEN IN THE WORKFORCE LONG ENOUGH FOR A SHIFT IN YOUR CAREER! SEND THIS PRAYER WHEN YOU’RE 46 STILL WORKING THE SAME JOB! I have no respect for people always complaining that they’re broke, but have a job that pays their bills. Perhaps, if you stop all this Grey Goose living on your Burnette’s budget you wouldn’t be broke.

I have no respect for people who ask god/Jesus/holy ghost for more money. “Jehova Shammah you are with me to supply all my needs.” Ever think the reason your “financial breakthrough” hasn’t come is because you have all that you NEED? Again, get off the Goose if what you really can afford is Burnette’s. I also have no respect for the people, mainly females, who are constantly Tweeting and status updating about their lonely single life and how they’re ready for that man to come. Sweetheart, get off Twitter and Facebook; your man is probably at your local library or coffee shop. Also, you look pathetic and depressed Tweeting, “Another lonely Saturday night. Being single sucks.” Wow! What an image you just sent into the Twitterverse; you in your PJs and bunny slippers shoveling Eddy’s ice cream down your throat! Sexy!

My mind does not comprehend why this complaining is occurring and my spirit gets drained when I have to wade through the swamp of complaints on Facebook and Twitter. I look at my own life and the lives of some people I know. I can recall being unemployed (several times without benefits). I can recall sending money to a friend who was down to her last dollar. I can recall being denied from so many jobs I’ve stopped counting. I can recall the tightness in my chest and the sleepless nights when I couldn’t get in touch with a friend who was in an abusive relationship and living 14 hours away from me. I can recall hearing my friends tell me they’re not sure how to pay the rent. I can recall friends and myself being stood up for a date. I can recall friends arguing with their husbands about finances, taking care of the kids, and other things. I can recall the feelings I’ve felt watching people younger than me land these wonderful jobs while I’m working at a kiosk in the mall whitening teeth. I can recall listening to friends tell me about the 3 jobs they HAVE to work in order to keep a roof over their heads. I can recall friends telling me their parents or spouses had another drug relapse. I can recall receiving a text, “I just leave now or I can leave later in a body bag.”

There are more things I can recall, but the last thing I can recall is that these people never cluttered my newsfeed or timeline with complaints. So why are the others doing it? I honestly think it’s because they’re attention whores in denial. They refuse to come to terms that they are ungrateful attention whores in denial. They are selfish ungrateful attention whores in denial; to be exact. They only see what’s in their line of vision. They only see what they want for themselves. They put out these tweets and statuses, because they want others to feed into it. They subconsciously want the replies and comments. They want the validation that they are in the right with their complaints. They do not see anything else; not even the god they claim to love so much…the same god they keep asking for change.

We are too young to be this ungrateful. We have not lived long enough to feel we are owed anything. You aren’t OWED a high paying job just because you got a degree. That’s a lie we’ve been fed for years; stop eating it. You don’t deserve anymore than what you have. Why are you so obsessed with finding a man? Why are you feeding into the brainwashing sermons that being single is a curse and that there’s something WRONG with you if you have all these wonderful credentials, but you’re still single? There’s nothing wrong with you because you’re single. There’s something wrong with you thinking poorly of yourself just because you are single. Stop husband hunting. Take notes from a deer hunter; they don’t go barging through the woods, “Where’s my deer? I deserve a deer! I have the best guns and best hunting clothes; I am OWED the best deer!” No, they have all their hunting gear ready; clothing, post, guns, etc. They do what they’re supposed to do and in due time the deer come to them and then chitty chitty bang bang.

Stop for a moment and look at EVERYTHING you have. I want you to start by taking in a deep breath and exhaling. Were you able to do it? Say thank you. Did you start coughing and wheezing? No? Ok, say thank you and be grateful you have your health. Now, open your refrigerator. Is there food? Yes? Say thank you. Was it empty? Yes? Did you go to the store and buy more food? Yes? Say thank you. Did you drive to the store? Yes? Say thank you. Was your refrigerator in a house or an apartment? Yes? Say thank you. Was there an eviction notice on your door? No? Say thank you. When you came into your house or apartment were there ungrateful mooching people living there? No? Say thank you.

Open your closet; are there clothes and shoes? Yes? Say thank you. Shut-up you don’t need designer clothing. Turn on the faucet and light switch; everything working? Yes? Say thank you. Check your bank account; direct deposit? Money? Yes? Say thank you. When you went to work this morning…no need to even finish; you went to work…say thank you. So, you’re single. Think about the last person you were with. Did they abuse you? No? Say thank you. Are they stalking you? No? Say thank you. Do you tweet and status update from your Droid, Iphone, BlackBerry, another brand of smart phone, or a computer? Say thank you and don’t you dare type a complaint.


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