I Was Lied To During My Pregnancy

I think we all were!

Remember all those people who were jumping up and down with excitement at the prospect of babysitting your little darling “anytime! For FREE!” Where have they gone?

“If your baby is fussy, just swaddle them.” LOL my child was sick of confined spaces after 9 months, apparently. He was 9 lbs 3 oz, I’m 5’1…He stretched after the c section. There was no way to keep him swaddled, he just broke out.

“You must have every baby supply with you at all times.” Nope. Just need some diapers and wipes, maybe a change of clothes. Oh and a bottle if you’re not breast feeding. The babysitter looks at you weird when you show up with everything….

“Breast feeding is easy and natural and the only acceptable way to feed your baby.” Well, yes. But it’s not possible for everyone. Some people try very hard and just can’t do it. So. Shush.

“Your life won’t change that much.” WHAT? Seriously? Every aspect of my life has changed in the past 3 years!

What ‘lies’ were you guys told?


6 thoughts on “I Was Lied To During My Pregnancy

  1. Oh the babysitting one is the one I rant about the most. Nobody babysat mine except for trips to ER’s and then would give us sour looks for it. Except my wonderful best friend who would ask constantly and my husband would (stupidly) refuse to because he felt it was us pawning our kid off on someone *roll my eyes*. Those same people who never babysat are now already clamoring to babysit for my sister in-law and I would be surprised if they don’t babysit for her. Which leads me to wonder, what did I do wrong to them? What did my husband do wrong to them? What, especially, did my daughters do to them?

    I let advise from people roll off my shoulders, usually. I care for my children differently than many others do anyway.

    Do you, mama!

  2. “Oh being pregnant is so fun!” Yeah, it’s fun for a little bit. When it’s 110 outside and you’re 7.5 months pregnant, it’s not longer fun.. not even close.

    I loved this by the way hahah! Especially about everyone who’s going to “babysit” and the breastfeeding. I tried the boob, he got the colostrum but my milk wouldn’t come in.

    • Ugh, no part of being pregnant was fun other than the ultrasounds. I was sick the whole 9 months! Then I had gestational diabetes…then he laid on my sciatic nerve…then it was summer. It was miserable! I never made any milk either! Lol. I’m glad you liked it, I felt like this was a silly post but I’m in a very weird mood today.

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