Changes make me uncomfortable. Changes make me nervous. Changes make me feel vulnerable.

Changes are happening whether I like it or not. All the time. Here are some that are going to be happening very soon…

*I think I’m going to be moving. Somewhere with cheaper rent so I can save some money and get myself back on my feet all the way. Not sure where yet, though. Or when.

*Spencer is going to be meeting my ex’s girlfriend. Which means I’ll be meeting her, because that was the original arrangement. I had to meet someone before he could introduce them. I don’t want to meet her.

*I will have a life again. I’m tired of sitting here alone. I shouldn’t have to sit here while my ex starts a brand new life, right? I’m starting one, too.

*That means, however, that I have to loosen the reins on my son a little. I’m quite the helicopter parent. His dad is not.

*I am letting the walls down and trusting someone. This should be interesting…

So, there are the changes. Let the anxiety begin!!


6 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Changes can be difficult to begin, but once they start, they can be great. I am also going to be making some changes & some of them may not be great, but I know they are necessary.

    Looking forward to reading about how your changes turn out….

  2. I can deal with changes better some times than others. The moving is (mostly) on your own terms. The rest is not and that’s probably what makes it the hardest. Hope everything goes smoothly.

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