Cat’s Out Of The Bag…

I am always surprised when people, especially other parents, tell me how well behaved my son is. He’s not always, he’s very much a 3 year old. He wants his own way, but generally speaking, he gets over the fits quickly and moves on. He listens. He understands that no means no, especially at the store. Still, I never know what to say when I am complimented on this. Does it really have anything to do with me, or did I just get a good kid and watch enough Super Nanny when I was pregnant?

People are also shocked when he says please, thank you, and you’re welcome without being asked. The only reason for this is that I show him the same respect. I say please, thank you, and you’re welcome to him.

I have to say though that I am always completely stunned for a minute when someone with a baby or young toddler calls me and asks me what to do. I remember all too well being in their position and not knowing a thing. My secret is out, I guess…

I’m totally winging it.

I don’t have the first clue what I’m doing half the time.

…but it works.

So thank you to everyone who has complimented me or asked me for advice. If I just stared at you with my jaw on the floor, I apologize. I was in shock. If you stand there long enough for me to snap out of it, I’ll tell you what I did, but it may not work for you, because chances are I made it up as it happened!


4 thoughts on “Cat’s Out Of The Bag…

  1. My kids have good days and bad days. I LOVE the good days when EVERYONE compliments me. It feels really good to know that I may be doing a good job after all…

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