Casey Anthony Got Away With Something…

The day I heard about Caylee Anthony going missing I was feeding my newborn son. My heart broke for this mother whose child was lost. I stared at my son and, filled with all kinds of hormones, cried for this woman that I did not know. I CRIED for this woman.

As things were revealed and later when poor Caylee’s body was found, I was disgusted with Casey. Here’s the thing. I don’t KNOW if she actively killed her daughter, and I’m SURE that is what the jury was going on. There isn’t evidence to prove without a shadow of a doubt that SHE killed her…

I DO know that one time, my son ran around the side of the house and by the time I got there I couldn’t see him. I panicked. I SCREAMED his name at the top of my lungs. He came back looking baffled, but he was there and safe and I was relieved.

I DO know that the three times that my son has spent the night away from home I have called SEVERAL times to make sure he was ok. He was with my mom once and his father twice. I didn’t care that I trusted them, I needed to know if my kid was ok.

So, how exactly do you leave your daughter with a babysitter for a month-A MONTH-and not wonder where she is?

How do you go out and party while your child is missing?

How do you think of anything BUT that..

…unless you already know where she is. Unless you know that she is dead. If you knew that, even if you didn’t do it, if you just knew that your child was dead and didn’t tell anyone, you deserve the same punishment as whoever it was that killed your child.

So, now I have a 3 year old. About the same age as Caylee was when she was killed. It’s tough sometimes. There are days that I LONG for bedtime. There are days that I want a break. I don’t like temper tantrums. I want to see my friends….but there is not a moment of any part of any day that I do not love him and thank my lucky stars that he is in my life. If anything ever happened to him, my life would be over.

So did she actively kill her? Maybe? Did she know what happened? I believe she did. Was she (to say the very least) neglectful? You bet.

So, on the day that the verdict was read I cried again. Not for Casey this time. For that poor, sweet little girl who will never grow up because her mother was a monster. The poor sweet girl for whom there will be no justice. I looked at my son, now a little man, not an infant, and I wondered how ANYONE could hurt a child. I do not understand.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts! I would like for this not to turn into an argument, but I really want to hear what everyone thinks.


5 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Got Away With Something…

  1. I didn’t really follow the case so I had no idea she has been gone for three years. People have been incarcerated for life for lesser crimes and probably less evidence. It really is a shame.

    I usually let Wyatt crawl around and do his thing in our house since it’s baby proofed, which translate that too he is usually right underfoot. The times he isn’t and it goes quiet I usually go running to find him; scared as all hell that he got into something he wasn’t supposed to. So if I worry about my kid a few feet away from me how could she act like that?

  2. Every time I see Caylee’s cherubic face on tv, or on magazines, my mommy heart breaks. I understand how the law works, how Casey Anthony had gotten away perhaps because they just couldn’t prove her guilty beyond reasonable doubt. What my mommy heart couldn’t understand, was how could she, as a mother, did the things that she did and still said, I’m innocent? My only comfort is knowing that Casey Anthony may have gotten away with the law this time, but she will get whatever it is that she deserves in the eyes of the Lord.

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