Spencer’s Blankie(s)

I never had a blankie. I mean, I had blankets, but never a special treasured blankie. I didn’t have a doll or stuffed animal either. I never got it, I thought it was gross when kids carried them all over the place, drug them on the ground, chewed on them, smeared food all over them…

My son’s father had a blankie that he was so attached to that it is now in a Ziploc bag in tatters. It’s been reduced to the size of a washrag. A really, really old washrag. He still has “blankies.” In fact, when we first lived together I washed a blanket and got yelled at. He’s silly.

Enter our son. I didn’t really want him to have this blanket obsession. I rotated his blankets hoping to all that is holy that he wouldn’t become attached to one. Instead, I made him attached to two of them…

Meet blanket. This one he insists is called blanket. You’ll meet blankie in a moment. This blanket has a brown giraffe on the other side. Very nice. Very fuzzy. Very hard to get stains out of, but, 3 years later, it’s holding up well.

This is blankie. Weird picture of the kiddo, but a good picture of blankie. When it was brand new, still fluffy, still bright, and didn’t smell like dirty socks no matter how much I wash it. Blankie is by FAR the favorite of the two, but either will do in a pinch, and each night he gathers them both up to take to bed, even if it is 90 degrees outside. Blankie is almost always within Spencer’s reach. Sometimes he picks it up just to snuggle it near his face and then tosses it back in a pile on the ground.

Blankie’s not doing so well. It has been a slow deterioration. As you can see, even at almost 2 years old blankie was doing alright.

When it first comes from the dryer, it even still looks ok. No matter what I do, though, blankie smells AWFUL.

Then there’s mousey. Mousey was from Kohl’s. He was a Christmas present when Spencer was 18 months old. The “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” mouse. He’s adorable.

Mousey now stays on Spencer’s bed. He rarely moves, only if Spencer doesn’t feel good will he bring him out in the living room to cuddle on the couch.

So, I didn’t intend for him to have any “loveys,” but now there are 3.

What are you gonna do?


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12 thoughts on “Spencer’s Blankie(s)

  1. I would let the blanket soak overnight in baking soda
    do a wash with white vinegar IF you do not have hard water
    or get bac out by biokleen and do a pre wash with it and then regular wash.

    Line dry in the sun.

  2. My toddler is attached to a small satin covered blanket. When we discovered his attachment we ran out and bought a few of the same to keep them in rotation. Now they don’t make them anymore! Ugh.

  3. Great post!

    That is true love! Even in 90 degree weather?! I have chosen to look at these attachments as positive…although they may pose some future challenges…a blankie in a ziploc? That is hilarious.

    Thanks so much for linking up. Your link is on there and working, by the way.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad it’s working now 🙂 Yes, even in 90 degree weather-and he will cover up in them! I usually take them off after he falls asleep! And my ex cannot let this bag of blankie go. Lol. He’s…quirky.

  4. I also had my security “blankets”. (but that should come to no surprise since Spencer’s dad is my brother haha)

    I had two blanket bunnies, one yellow and one blue. I lost Yellow Bunny at the Yankee Peddler when I was like 3 or something. Yellow Bunny was also lost at People’s Pharmacy, but the pharmacist there called our house to tell us I had dropped him and he was safe and sound in the pharmacy. I had Blue Bunny for much longer, until about 1st grade. One day, I couldn’t find him anywhere, and my mom told me that Blue Bunny ran away to live with the Easter Bunny. (Much much later in life, I found Blue Bunny in my mom’s cedar chest. I had left him at my grandma’s house and Grandma gave him to my mom thinking that it would break me of my bunny habit. Blue Bunny is now in my possession still in Mom’s cedar chest.)

    Enter Funny Bunny. He was a gray puppet, and he slowly deteriorated into rags, and now he’s safely concealed in my undie drawer. Funny Bunny lost all his stuffing, the complete back of him is missing, and he cannot see, hear, smell or feel anything with his hands.

    As an adult, I’ve adopted pillows that I absolutely had to have every night in order to sleep. I’ve slowly weaned myself away from them (haha almost 30 and needing to be weaned), and now I can sleep without said pilows. However, I have not brought myself to throw out my security pillows, even though they smell funky and have really weird stains.

    But I will say this, at least Spencer doesn’t suck his thumb!!! That’s one thing I didn’t kick until I was 16. Yikes.

    • Yeah, but we’re still having a heck of a time with the binkies. It’s a constant fight, and when he is laying in bed crying I cave. I shouldn’t. I do though. Scott STILL has blankies. Currently it’s the blue fuzzy blanket that Jason’s family got him for Christmas when I was pregnant. Before that the furry one and the camo one (which I thought was black until I washed it-that’s the one I got yelled at for lol). He actually gave Spencer the one before that, which was the Buffalo Bills one. He also still sucks his thumb haha. Well…he did 2 years ago anyway. He doesn’t think he does…but after he falls asleep? Yeah, totally does lol.

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