This About Sums It Up…

“A wise girl kisses but doesn’t love, listens but doesn’t believe, and leaves before she is left.”
Marilyn Monroe

I feel a sudden deep connection with Marilyn Monroe. I’ve never been a huge fan, but so many things happened when I read this quote. At first I thought that was a very sad way to look at things. Who would not let love be a possibility? Who would shut it down completely? What kind of life is it if you are skeptical of everything you hear? Who would leave something before it had truly run its course?

Then I thought, hey wait, this whole thing is me! That’s what I have been doing for two years. Flirting is about as far as anything makes it these days because I refuse to let people in. I refuse to let people in because I listen to what they are saying and I don’t believe them. I end flirtations before they become relationships because I refuse to be hurt.

After that realization hit me, I was sad for a moment. I thought that surely Marilyn and I were alone in this. Nobody else could ever feel like this. It’s CRAZY to feel like this.

Then it dawned on me that I listen to song lyrics nearly every day that reinforce this principle.

“I won’t let you close enough to hurt me.” (Turning Tables by Adele)

Ah, so Adele’s in on it, too. It then struck me that my friend across the street has been doing the same thing since her divorce.

So, I sat there and thought about the 4 of us. Marilyn Monroe, Adele, my neighbor, and myself. I tried to find a common thread; something that made all of us feel this way. I’m not sure exactly what’s gone on with Marilyn or Adele, but I know that my neighbor and I were both hurt very badly. I’m going to assume they were, too. Very few people start off this way in life, I would imagine. Plenty of people get hurt, though. Plenty of people get hurt and then get up, dust themselves off, and fling themselves into their next relationship. So, are we all just clinging to the past? Are the 4 of us stuck here destined to be on guard for the rest of our lives? Nope. After much thought, I’ve decided that we are not. (Obviously Marilyn’s not here anymore at all)

We are a group of 4 strong, smart, independent women. We are willing to follow Marilyn’s advice until we find someone who can make us forget the rules. Someone worth falling in love with. Someone worth believing. Someone worth sticking around for. Maybe that didn’t happen for Marilyn…but maybe it will for me.

…now if only I could figure out how to LOOK like Marilyn Monroe…


2 thoughts on “This About Sums It Up…

  1. We close ourselves off from getting hurt again. The scariest part about “getting back out there” is being vulnerable to being hurt again. If we don’t take that chance, we’ll never find the one for whom those rules do not apply.
    Awesome post!

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