A Little Peak Into Our Lives…

I don’t know if you guys have noticed or not, but I don’t vlog. I’m not afraid of public speaking if I can see the people, but for some reason recording myself speaking completely intimidates me….

The thing is, I stole Kim’s idea was inspired by Kim’s post at Mama’s Monologues and I really wanted to give you guys a little look into our lives. I could have uploaded each picture and made you scroll through them. I didn’t though. I made you a pretty lame super awesome slideshow to look at! Complete with sappy song lyrics!! Aren’t you happy? It’s long. Really long. Like, the whole song. Also? I’m not great at this, but, I’m learning!


8 thoughts on “A Little Peak Into Our Lives…

  1. He’s precious.

    If you want more practice or tips at making videos you should check out the Vlog Talk Meme. They give weekly prompts and a link up. Plus they have tutorial for making videos.

    If you click the “share” button under your video YouTube will give you an HTML code that you can just paste into your editor and it will load on to your blog. It really is very easy.

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