Dear Santa

Thank you. Thank you for making Christmas possible for my son this year. Thank you for helping me give him probably one of the best Christmases he will ever have for a grand total of $19 from my pocket. Thank you for making this possible without asking for help from a charity. Thank you for being the mysterious magical force behind Christmas.

If not for you dropping gifts into my lap this year, I wouldn’t have anything. There would be nothing under our tree but love and the knowledge that the bills are (mostly) paid for the month. That would be an acceptable Christmas for me as an adult, but for a child? I’m sure he’s young enough that he wouldn’t mind, but it would break my heart to have nothing for him. If not for the amazing deals I found online and the amazing gift cards that I have gotten, both of our hearts would be broken. He cries if I cry.

So thank you for, at age 28, making me believe in you for the first time since my grandpa told me you weren’t real when I was 5. Thank you for putting the magic back in the season. Thank you for being in every ring of a bell, every Christmas snowflake, every twinkle of a Christmas light, and every kind thing that is done this year. Thank you for giving me my own personal Santas, like my ChaCha forum friends who find absolutely amazing deals and are some of the most generous people I have ever “met.” Thank you for my Twitter and blog friends who have been my moral support throughout this incredibly trying year.

I know that this year as I am putting presents under the tree on Christmas Eve I will be listening for sleigh bells and hooves on the roof. You just never know…

Merry Christmas,

Kadie (and Spencer)


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