Review Of Real Moms Love To Eat

I was supposed to do this a long time ago, and I sincerely apologize to Beth Aldrich, the author! Everything has been all crazy this fall! Just in the nick of time though, I’m getting this in. In less than a month, January 3rd, this book will be released, and I have had the privilege of reading it and trying it out already!

The book is broken up into 3 parts, as I said in my first post about it. Instead of being a “diet plan” it is a book that is more about a love affair with food. How to delicately balance healthy food and those little junk food cravings that we all have. The way that Beth describes her own love affair with food will leave you craving whatever she is talking about, even if it is a food that you despise.

There were parts I struggled with while trying it out. I am not awake enough first thing in the morning to make a smoothie. I’m just not. I drop things, I break glasses….it’s not a pretty sight. I did end up modifying that a little and having a cup of coffee first. That I can set up the night before and just push a button in my sleep. I didn’t even feel guilty about this modification. Unlike any “diet” you have ever heard of, this one encourages you to cheat a little. Part of the directions for week one are to eat one thing you really want daily! This is my kind of diet!

After my week one things got a little rocky. Spencer’s grandpa died, a whole bunch of stuff happened, and I sort of abandoned it for a few weeks. It wasn’t hard to start back up. I didn’t dread having to start it again. I actually feel much better while I am eating right, and it took this book to make me realize that. As time went on, the thing I wanted daily was healthier. The first few days it was potato chips, but by the end I really wanted a peach.

I just said the end, but there really is no end. Instead of a temporary diet, this is a way of life. I don’t use that term lightly. While I cannot claim to have lost every ounce of fat on my body, I feel better. Weight is coming off. It is coming off slowly, the right way. I know that it won’t be back as long as I keep this up. I know that I will have the book to fall back on if I feel myself losing my way. I can fall back on Beth’s glorious descriptions of food, and her glorious descriptions of how to handle it the right way.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are all beautiful. We just don’t always feel it. I honestly believe I can feel more beautiful using the tips she provides. Is this a sure fire way to lose hundreds of pounds quickly? No. It is a way to feed your body the things it needs to function, but do it in a way that doesn’t leave you craving things you are forbidden from having.

There are many brands of healthy foods mentioned as well. My favorite (we got a sample of things) were the Riceworks chips. Not only are they delicious, they are made locally for me! They are made 15 minutes from where I grew up. They are made where many of my high school friends work, and I know I am on a side tangent here, but it makes me happy that I can support this business in my area and my friends’ families by buying them. Plus I get to fulfill my chip cravings without scarfing a whole bag of grease (not that I ever did that or anything….*cahem*).

So, I can’t tell you what to buy. I can’t tell you what will work for you. I can’t tell you how to eat or what to read, but I can tell you that I loved this book. It made me laugh, and it made me realize things about myself that I wouldn’t have without it. For example, the fact that I was feeding my son entirely differently than I was feeding myself. I have known all along how to do this. I just at some point thought I didn’t matter enough to feed myself the right way. I do matter. So, thank goodness I read this book!

Check it out when it comes out on January 3rd. It is most definitely worth your time!


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