Questions I Have Been Asked Today

My kid is on a weird question roll lately! Here are some examples just from this morning…

*Can I hold the fishy?

*Why are you working? I not need money, mommy.

*Is my butt stinky? (In response to me saying hey you need a bath)

*Can Simba come play with us? (No, there will be no lions in the house…)

*Can you drive daddy’s car to go to the store to get a toy?   This one requires some explanation. He was standing INSIDE his toy box at the time, and his dad doesn’t live here….and is at work. And even when we were together, I was only allowed to drive the precious Camaro like three times. While the Camaro is gone now, I’m assuming I’m still not allowed to drive his car to the store to get things we certainly don’t need.

*Can I have Cheez its? (we don’t have any) Oh, can you make some?

*Can you turn on the sunshine mommy? (Oh how I wish I could..)





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