The anger washes over my body
I feel the rage fill my chest
Like the air pressure rising,
Energizing the whole world before the storm
Rising enough to blind me
Stinging my eyes

I feel the hot, salty tear hit my cheek
Like rain pouring down my face
Slow at first, speeding with each drop
More angry that now you think I am upset
Don’t be fooled by my body,
I am crying out of frustration and rage

The words begin to flow out of my mouth
Like a dam bursting
Unable to handle the few raindrops that have been added
Drowning the soil, making it hard to walk
Washing away all of the progress that has been made since the last storm
All hell breaks loose

Accusations flow like wind
Whipping around us both,
Breaking more branches off the already battered trees
Wreaking havoc on the structures,
The foundation of our relationship
So often tested by this wind in previous storms
Boards creak, threatening to break

The pressure continues to rise
The rain continues to fall
The flood flows, covering more land
The wind lashes around us
Here in the eye of the storm

Even after the storm calms and fades away
After the rain stops pouring
After the flooding and the wind
There is still the fear of what will happen during the next
Inevitable storm








I don’t usually do poems. I don’t like the way that I write poems. However, when I saw the prompt to write about a storm on Mama Kat’s list, I immediately thought of this. It never occurred to me to write about an actual storm. So I thought I may as well give it a shot. Don’t criticize me too much…like I said, I don’t like it either.


19 thoughts on “Stormy

  1. Are you kidding me?! This has such power and honesty. It is like the storm ripped away all pretense and laid bare the truth. Quite good if you ask me!

  2. It was very evocative, your emotional storm. I think we’ve all had days like that, where like the stormy weather, the pressure rises, and the deluge begins.

  3. I liked your version of a storm. The imagery was impressive. I think poems are underestimated, most people don’t give them a real chance and scoff at them. I usually use poetry as an outlet when I can’t convey messages the way I want.

    Anyway, you should give your poetry writing a chance before you scoff at your own work. 🙂

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