About exitingloverslane

My name is Kadie. My life can only be described as a mess. I am 28. I am a single mom with one son who is 3. Shortly after my son’s dad left, I decided to start a journey. After spending my whole adult life trying to find the right guy, I decided to “Exit Lover’s Lane” and find out who I really am first. What I want, what I don’t want, what I need, and most of all, what will make me happy. I wanted to know without a doubt that I could handle life all on my own. I was doing great, until life threw another hurdle my way. I lost my job AND my car died. Instead of breaking down, I decided to just add that to my journey. To learn how to be self sufficient with nothing. To prove to myself without a doubt how strong I truly am. This was about the time that I started the blog. It was a rough time for me as a person and a mother. My mother wasn’t helping out at all. We go through periods of time where we fight like cats and dogs. My son’s dad does nothing but work, and at that point he didn’t ever take our son, even for a few hours. He does do that now once a week or every two weeks.  I felt completely alone, and completely depressed.

This is Spencer. He is truly my sunshine. No matter what happens, he is always there for me, as much as I am for him. We are figuring this out together, and I am so thankful for the time I get to spend with him. He is learning and growing so much every day that I can hardly keep up. There is no way I can neatly sum up how much he has changed my life. While he physically looks exactly like his father, he is so much like me that I can hardly believe it sometimes. He is sweet, sensitive, smart, caring, and endlessly entertaining. He keeps my spirits up, and on more than one occasion has been the only reason I get up in the morning.



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