Be My Guest!

We all have a heartbreaking love story, story of starting over, or something to say about how much we love our kids, right? Why should I be the only one talking here?

While I generally write about my son, figuring out my love life, finding self esteem again, and my own experiences, this is an equal opportunity blog. I love all of my bloggy friends’ ideas and thoughts, and I welcome you to come and share them with me! Submissions can be sent to me at

A few things, though:

  • Please use proper spelling and grammar…or at least something close. If not, my English OCD is going to kick in, I’m going to edit it, you’re going to be all offended, and then we won’t be friends anymore.
  • I don’t mind the occasional curse word, but as a general rule, let’s try to keep it clean! All different kinds of people read my blog, and since I don’t curse like a sailor, I don’t really want my guest posts to have that language either. I understand that they’re necessary for emphasis sometimes, though. I have a few in my posts here and there.
  • I’m not going to guarantee a date that I’ll use the post, but it won’t be long after you submit it. I’ll let you know in an email before I do so you can spread the word. I don’t guarantee for myself what I’m going to write that day. I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl!
  • Please include a bio and, if you want, a picture. I’ll write an introduction for you, too!

I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!


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